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Featured Videos

New videos are uploaded each week and can be found here for the duration of the week.

Featured Videos
  • Saturday, 5/21 @ 8:15am EST: Saturday Sweatfest

    Saturday Sweat Fest is a chance to double up your workout! Hop on from 8:15-8:45am for Half-Hour HIIT and stay for Boxing/Pilates from 9:00-10:00am OR feel free to just sweat it out for just one class or the other - its your workout!

  • Saturday, 5/21 @ 10:15am EST: Latin Dance Cardio

    Exercise in disguise! You'll burn lots of calories and have a great time doing it!

  • Tone & Stretch - 5/15/2022

    40 minutes of challenging full body toning and 20 minutes of deep stretching.
    You will need a chair, a set of light weights (not over 3 lbs) a mat, & 2 yoga blocks.(Blocks can be purchased inexpensively at 5 Below)